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Micro Business Loan

You always need a long-life sustainable business and seek a superb opportunity to expand your investment to increase earning. As a merchant, you always think that business is your life and it does not need only a stable benefit, but also a long-lasting profit and growth. In order to achieve this, increasing capital is a major factor to start or extend business.

ACLEDA MFI Myanmar is a reliable source of providing loan to support your business, help your business growth and make your wish come true. With ACLEDA MFI Myanmar's services, it is not only a magnificent way to your business but also your personal life and your whole family.

Currently, ACLEDA MFI Myanmar has two kinds of credit service below:

  • Micro Business (Group Loan)
  • Micro Business (Individual Loan)

In order to enlarge your earning amount you would need to enlarge your business, i.e. enlarge your capital. Your business does not need only a stable benefit, but a sustainable profit for long life and growth. Please refer to ACLEDA MFI Myanmar as your partner in capital help!

ACLEDA MFI offers Micro Business Loan to both individual and group.

Currency Type, Loan Size, and Loan Period

  • For Group Member
    • Organise a group of 2 to 10 people
    • Currency type in MMK
    • Loan period up to 12 months for loan size up to MMK 1,000,000 per group member
    • Loan period up to 18 months for loan size more than MMK 1,000,000 to MMK 2,000,000 per group member
  • For Individual
    • Currency type in MMK
    • Loan period up to 12 months for loan size up to MMK 1,000,000
    • Loan period up to 18 months for loan size more than MMK 1,000,000 to MMK 2,000,000
    • Loan period up to 24 months for loan size more than MMK 2,000,000 to MMK 10,000,000


Interest is calculated as decline repayment method.


  • Be a majority
  • Have own residential address
  • Have own legal business
  • Willing to pay back to ACLEDA MFI Myanmar
  • Have own capital of 20% at least
  • Our staff will help you to fill in a loan application form which is available for free at ACLEDA MFI

Savings Account

The more you deposit, the more you earn!

Searching for a reliable place to deposit your money for convenience is everyone's greatest concern including additional gain from interest. ACLEDA MFI Myanmar will offer you all the above advantages.

Making a decision to open a Savings Account with ACLEDA, you will receive one of our attractive interest rates that you can deposit in Myanmar Kyats. Interest on deposit is daily accrued and monthly capitalized.

It is convenient

ACLEDA MFI Myanmar is a secure and reliable place to deposit your money with an attractive interest. Our service is delivered through modern technology to ensure a convenient and efficient time for you. You don't need to carry cash around; you can use your account at our branch of ACLEDA at our working time.

Easy to use

  • Initial deposit only 1,000 Kyats
  • Minimum balance is not required
  • No service charged for account opening or closing
  • Free of charge for Customer Account Information card and 600 Kyats for using passbook
  • Providing the account statement as required
  • You can control the accuracy of your payment in every operation within the account statement or passbook
  • We also serve you with the most updated information modern technology to ensure your convenience to use your account at ACLEDA's office.

Interest Rate

Interest rate is 1.25% per month or 15% per annum


  • Passport, family book or other personal ID card
  • Be a majority
  • This deposit service is available for loan customer only

Note: The figures in our website are quoted for indication purpose only and subject to variation. Please contact us for our service requirements and more information.


Headquarters: Building No.186(B), Shwe Gon Taing Road, Yae Tar Shae Block, Bahan Township, Yangon Region, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
Tel: (+9­5-1) 559 475 / 552 956

ACLEDA MFI Myanmar Co., Ltd. is a reliable microfinance to provide Microbusiness Loan and Deposit to support your need.

For our services requirement and more information, please contact our branches located in Yangon and Bago Region.

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